Distraction from self

Just as I'm about to start one of my regular evening walks with headphones plugged into my ears, I struggle to decide whether to listen to music, a podcast, or an audiobook. I immediately caught myself and I thought, "Why isn't listening to your thoughts or just plainly observing the environment an option here ?"

I'm overly critical of humans distracting themselves from what they're thinking, but now I notice how easy it is to slip into that condition. Distracting myself for one evening walk might not count much, but the compounding effect of always listening to something through my headphones means I get to miss what I'm thinking and what's happening around me.

Our constant distraction means we get to miss a lot of things in our everyday lives, like the sight of two men shaking hands as they fix their gaze sharply into the eyes of each other, after which they both place their right hand on their chest, as though, trying to preserve a part of the other person in their hearts.

We spend a great deal of time trying to escape or distract ourselves, and we hardly ever have time to hear our voices, which is aided by the wide range of things to consume and fill the void in our lives; social media, books, music, podcasts e.t.c. The thoughts in our heads become what others want us to think.

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