Protecting short-lived thoughts

My friend who does creative writing came over to my place some days ago. We talked about a couple of things, but one I clearly remember was a conversation about ideas of things we wanted to write but never did, all the interesting thoughts that we convinced ourselves to write at a later time but unfortunately forgot, even though we tried hard to remember.

I think a lot about all the things I might never write, the "interesting" thoughts I forgot about, and all the ones that might never leave my head, or the ones I just share with a few people around me. All these make me realize how much human wit, humor, knowledge, and imagination are lost or never shared with others.

One of the reasons I highly praise the people who share their thoughts and imaginations is because they took a step to act on those thoughts so they won't be lost forever. What if J.K Rowling felt lazy and never put the idea of Harry Porter into writing? What if Einstein discarded his thoughts on general relativity and never bothered to share them? 

For me, that conversation was a reminder to keep documenting interesting thoughts as they arise. I keep a physical journal and have note apps on all my devices. Additionally, I use a recording app when I'm too lazy to type/write. I might still forget some interesting ideas/thoughts, but at least not too much.

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