The problem with physical touch.

I hugged a girl once and I felt really close, I felt so close but didn’t quite feel “close enough”. (One of Zeno’s paradoxes comes to mind)

I didn’t feel close enough because the problem was I wish I could be inside her, this doesn’t have anything to do with sex, touch just wasn’t enough as a way to really feel her at that moment, I started to wish I was close enough so I could feel what she was feeling and she also feel what I was feeling.

Even though I know that the basic laws of physics won’t allow this. Elementary particles have mass and the space between elementary particles has binding energy which also has the properties of mass. These particles possess the right amount of entropy that allows them to remain solid bodies and therefore create boundaries between different bodies.

I know I wished for more, but the best that could happen was the limiting physical touch that nature allows.

I’m beginning to think I’m obsessed with touch because it’s the best I can get as a way to feel another person.

Touch is limiting.

Touch sometimes doesn’t feel enough.

Touch confines you to one part of a person’s body at a time, sometimes I want to feel a person wholly, all at once. Physical touch doesn’t allow for this.

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